Para gente común y corriente como yo, que se muere por lo fashion y por todo lo que se puede apreciar ante un espejo, que adora un buen consejo y un buen dato y que sueña con algo grande pero no en su habitual ámbito de trabajo. Porque me gusta compartir...bienvenidos a mi rinconcito de expresión y de práctica para mi inglés.

domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

YSL: Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain shade n°7

I had my eyes on this product for such a long time that I decided to make myself a present because I´m working so I deserved it (in my opinion). I investigated a lot to decide whick shade to get and I finally opted for shade n°7 (Corail Aquatique) given that I need subtle colors to go to work.
This kind of lipsticks are a lip tint, the perfec mix between a lipstick and a lipgloss. What I love of this product it´s the fact that it lasts on your lips the whole day, without the need to re apply it. That is what I´m expecting of a luxurious and expensive product. It didn´t dissapoint me, because it is wonderful, I love the shade, the fact that you can build the color, you can eat and drink and still get color on your lips after all. 
It is really expensive (especially here in Australia) but as an occasionally luxury, it is simply perfect! Two important things to notice about this product is that it has a soft smell that can bother someone really sensitive to scents and it could feel sticky at first application. For me, those aren´t a problem, but it is something you need to take into account if you´re thinking to spend your money on these.

Shade number 7 is a combination between coral and pink, that looks very natural but pretty and highlight any makeup look. I love to use it for work because I don´t need to be worried about re-applying my lipstick and it gives me a special "touch" to my day to day simply makeup. 

The last capture was taken 6 hours after I did my makeup so you can see that the lasting power of this produc it is really good. There´s so many lipsticks that claim being "long wear" that sometimes it seems just marketing, but not in this case. If you´re looking for a product that lasts all day on your lips, I highly recommend you to try Yves Saint Lauren Glossy Stain.
I hope you like my post.
Javi ♥

viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup finish spray

After I finished my Australis makeup finishing spritz that I ´ve reviewed here I decided to try the famous No More Shine from Skindinavia, used for many well recognized makeup artists and youtube gurus.I really wanted to try it, but its price made me hesitate. However I´ve been having many problems to control my shine, especially on my forehead so I thought it would be a good moment to give it a try. 
I bought the 59ml bottle from the Skindinavia website and I paid $40aud (including shipping).
I´ve been using it for about 2 months now and I think that it is really good to hold your makeup, I mean it is excellent! however it doesn´t reduce shine on my oily skin. To be honest, I can´t say I have no more shine, because if the day is really sunny, I know my forehead is going to be shiny, even if I´m using this product. Also I tried to apply it before and after foundation (with primer) but I don´t notice any significant difference. So for me, this product is the best to extend the duration of your makeup on your face but it is not the HG to control shine.
I´m not sure if it is worthwhile, although I feel that it keeps my makeup on my face slightly better than the Australis one, paying $30aud more just for a slight difference it doesn´t make sense for me. So I´m not sure if I would buy it again. I think I´m going to come back to the Autralis spray. Maybe if the Australian site had the same offers and deals than the American one I would think to buy it again, but that is just a dream right now (I emailed them to ask for their promotion but they don´t have any for the moment and they are thinking to have free shipping further). It is totally unfair, the American website has very good prices, offers and deals and we can´t buy from them because we have a horrible australian website. 
Because all the reasons mentioned above, I´m going to stay with my Australis makeup finisihing spritz for the moment.

These are some pictures wearing the product, in some of them, you can see the shine in my skin...

Foundation: Skin79 Lovely girl BB cream
Blush: Nars Taos
Lipstick: Nars Barbarella
Mascara: Maybelline One by One and Covergirl lashblust fushion
Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
Blush: Nars Taj Mahal
Lipstick: Revlon colorburst lipbutter Cherry tart
Eyeliner: Covergirl Line exact
Mascara: Maybelline One by One

Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
Blush: Nars Exhibit A
Lipstick: Rimmel 166 Temptation
Eyeliner: Maybelline Eyestudio Blackest Black
Mascara: Maybelline One by One

Foundation: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream
Blush: Nars Taj Mahal
Lipstick: Revlon colorburst lipbutter Tutti frutti
Eyeliner: Maybelline Eyestudio Brown Brun
Mascara: Maybelline One by One and Covergirl lashblust fusion
So you can see that although I´m always using the No More shine spray, you can see my face very shiny and sometimes ok in some pictures , so the performance of this product is not what I was expecting for the price. 

I hope this post will be useful for you.
Javi ♥

domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

I ♥ Kate Moss lipstick Rossetto!!

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick shade 20 ROSSETTO

Today I´ve received my reward from Priceline so I went to get some things I really wanted to try and I´m so glad I picked up this lipstick! It is incredible, the color is the perfect fuchsia, it´s a matte finish and it lasts all day. Although it is matte, it doesn´t feel too dry or uncomfortable on my lips. I got it for less than $10aud so I can´t be happier!!

Just when I was loving MAC lipstick but wishing they weren´t as expensive as they are, I´ve found this one, which makes me feel that sometimes drugstore makeup rocks!!
I hope you like it
Javi ♥

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

My new obsession: BB creams

I can´t believe it´s about a month without a post...this semester has been very busy at Uni. But that doesn´t mean that I didn´t have time for trying new make up on. So this is what I have been testing the last 4 weeks.
I started to try BB creams becaue I read so many good reviews about them and because they make me feel intrigued...are they magic?? let´s see:

 The main brands I´m going to talk in this post, are Skin79 and Missha. From the former I tryied the Hot Pink, Vip Gold and Lovely girl and from Missha the Perfect cover.
In this website, you can find both Brands, however, you can find the Missha ones, just in two shades. Also they have other brands (we´re talking about Korean brands) and you can go to the physical store located in Swanston st. They also have sample size for some (5ml for 5aud) which correspond to the Hot Pink and Gold lavel collections from Skin79.

Skin79 Hot Pink: For me, this is what the perfect BB cream does, talking about real ones, not the "western versions". I wish I was fair enough to use it more comfortable, given that it comes in 1 shade which adapt every skin after 10 minutes, but although it adapts to my skin, I feel it looks a little white for me. But it makes my skin looks so beautifull and flawless, no pores, no redness, so even...just perfect. It does not cover my big spots on my chin, but nothing that a concealer can´t hide. Moreover you always look natural, when I use it my husband asks me if I´m wearing make up. If you are fairer than MAC NW-25, this is your BB cream, and if you´re oily skin, this is for you too because I´m very oily and it controls the shine very well (I´m still powder my face after applying my BB cream). I´m so in love with it that I squeezed the tube until the last drop as you can see in the picture and I´m planning to get the travel size that cost $15aud (15ml) in the store I told you above.

Face: Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream
Cheeks: Nars Exhibit A blush
Lips: Mac Plumful Lipstick

Skin 79 Vip Gold: Although it looks like it´s the same formula, not thin as a tinted moisturizer, this is good but not for oily skin. Again, it adapts to your skin color so well that after 10 minutes it doesn´t look too white or too greyish. Nothing more to say, it is not for me. In the link I wrote you can find the specification for each BB cream.

Missha Perfect cover (n°27): Because I loved so much the Skin79 Hot Pink, I was decided to find a BB cream for my shade, and I discovered that Missha makes so many shades, so I went to Box Hill, here in Melbourne, (you can see the store locator here) and I bought the Perfect cover BB cream in shade 27. It is a little bit thinner than the Skin79 but it covers more. It feels quite natural on your skin and it lasts all day. I really like it, on my face both (the Hot Pink and this one) look quite similat but with this one you don´t need to wait to adapt to your skin. I don´t know why but I love more the Hot Pink but I feel safer with this one, because I´m pretty sure I don´t look white. I´m not sure if this one it´s going to suit me when I´ll be tanner. (I hope so becaue it supposes to adapt to my color). It cost me $32.99 aud and I like it because it is a very good option for medium to darker skins.

Face: Missha Perfect cover BB cream (n°27)
doing this look from Lisa Eldridge

Skin79 Lovely girl: This one reflects my obsession with all the make up world...I read good reviews saying that this is very good to control oil because it´s for teenagers. And it is cheaper than other BB cream so I went to the store in Swanston (called Lome) to buy it (it cost $16.8aud) to try it and I´m not disappointed. It is very similar to the Hot Pink one. Yesterday I was talking to my sister (Through Skype) and she told me: "oh, what did you do with your skin? it looks so beautiful, like porcelain skin..." and I was wearing this BB cream so now my sister is crazy waiting for a package that I sent to her with some samples of Korean BB cream.

my face the same day (4-5 hours later) my sister
called me, wearing Skin79 Lovely girl
Overall, I think Korean BB creams are awesome, for those women who don´t like make up but want to feel beautiful or for those women that can´t deal with foundation but want to improve their face in a natural way.
In my opinion, Korean BB creams are miraculous!!
If you live in Melbourne, you can test them buying the small size versions in the store I linked before.
I hope you like my post.
Javi ♥

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

My favourite eyeliners: Essence Long lasting eye pencil

I own MAC eyeliners in the classic shades, black and brown, however I do think the Essence Long lasting eye pencil have nothing to envy it. What is more important, these are cheap!! very cheap!!.
The Essence Long lasting eye pencil cost less than $4aud and the quality of the product is amazing. They come in beautiful colors (not only the classic ones) such as green, silver, blue and gold. I use them in my water line and after 5 hours, I can still see them. The textures is quite creamy so it is really easy to apply and you only need to pass it once or twice to show off the color.
So if you love eye pencil, you definitely need to try these...they are the best investment you can do!!

essence Long lasting eye pencil (from top to bottom)
n°12 I have a green
n°5 C´est la vie
nº15 Bling bling

1 swatch each

wearing shade nº12 I have a green

I bought them at Priceline...they have a very good stock.
So, I hope you like it
Javi ♥

domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

Spring color: Crazy about Coral; Gilda & Vegas Volt

I don´t know why I´m so crazy about this color, I feel it makes me happy and cute and it´s the trend of this season. I made a lot of research to find the perfect blush and lipstick in coral, and I think my selection was perfect.

Nars Blush in Gilda: I don´t have enough words to describe this blush. The color is really coral and looks wonderful in your ckeeks. It makes me look healthy with the perfect touch of color. Also as all Nars blushes, the pigmentation is so good that you only need a tiny bit of product. Although they are expensive, in my opinion they worth it.

Left: foundation only.                    Right: with one layer of Gilda

Mac Vegas Volt lipstick: I had to wait to get this lipstick, because it always was out of stock. But I finally got it and I´m so glad I is so easy to apply, it has very good pigmentation and it last around 4 hours. It is very creamy and it is an amplified formula. I just have 2 Mac lipstick because I feel that not always it´s worthwhile to spend too much money in lipsticks...but in this case, I change my mind. Vegas Volt is an amazing color that if you love corals, you must own.

Foundation: Vita lumiere aqua
Blush: Nars Gilda
Lipstick: Mac Vegas Volt
Eyeliner: Maybelline gel eyeliner in Brown
Mascara: Maybelline One by one

Sot these are my selection of the best blush and lipstick in coral, I´m totally in love with them. So if you´re thinking to get something in coral, I highly recommend you these.
I hope you like it
Javi ♥

viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Primer & makeup finishing

Since I got into makeup I discovered that not to prime is a crime. If you want your makeup lasts all day, you definitely need to use a primer. But there are tons in the market and it is really hard to decide which one. Also I realized that you can add another step to your makeup routine that helps your skin to feel fresh whereas fixes your makeup and makes it last longer. So if you are looking for a primer and finishing spritz and have oily skin, this is the post for you:

 LAURA MERCIER FOUNDATION PRIMER: It works incredibly for me. Although this is the mineral version, it controls my shine t-zone excellent and makes my makup lasts almost 8 hours. It costs $45 aud at Myer and since I got it, I can´t stop using it. It makes my skin feel so healthy!! so I highly recommend you to try this.

AUSTRALIS MAKE-UP FINISHING SPRITZ:  With this product I set my makeup, makes my skin feel fresh and also it helps to make my makup lasts longer. In my opinion, also it helps the powder sticks to my foundation to avoid to look cakey. It is very cheap (around $15aud) and it last over 6 months. Ypu have to apply 3 puff over your makeup and ready to go!!

I hope you like this post
Javi ♥

viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation

Ok, my last post was about my HG foundation, Vita lumiere Aqua, from Chanel. However I know that it is so expensive that I only wear it for long days. If I have a short journey or I´m going to stay at home (and I want to be beautiful for myself and for me husband) I wear Bourjois foundation.
These two brands are from the same owner and in my opinion, Bourjois is like the "cheap" version of Chanel.
Healthy Mix Serum foundation is really similar to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and in general, for me, the only difference between both is the last power. I can use Vitalumiere for about 8-9 hours without problems but Healthy Mix only lasts about 4, then it just disappears.
So if you want to try Chanel, but the money is a issue, try Bourjois first and if you adore it, like me, save money to buy the expensive (for special dates!!).

Left: Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua      Right: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Can you notice any difference? I can´t so that is enough for me...I´m so happy!!
If you want to try this foundation, go to this website Bourjois to get a voucher with $10 aud discount for Bourjois products at Priceline (only August).
I warn you, you definitely need to wear a primer with this foundation (a good one) in order to make your makeup last more. I don´t recommend you to use this foundation in long and very hot days if you have oily skin.

For me, it is a very good alternative or "dupe" of Chane Vita Lumiere Aqua, in short journeys (and I have very  oily skin). I love the semi matte finish.

I am B40 in Chanel (beige desert) and 55 in Bourjois!!
 I hope this post will be useful for you girls!!

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation

You already know how many problems I had to find the perfect foundation for my oily skin. I tried many, seriously many. In a previous post I said that I had found the perfect one, expensive but a truly love, That was Chanel Matlumiere foundation, however it was impossible to find my shade when I was in Chile. Then I read very good reviews about another one, Vitalumiere Aqua, and many girls said that it worked for oily I said, let´s try it!! and I did
I´m totally in love with this to show you why, I made a complete review.
Firstly, I took a picture of my face without makeup (just with moisturizer and primer)
Then I put Vitalumiere Aqua (B40 beige-desert) on my face and took a picture again.
After that I finished the look and took a picture of the final look (before going Uni, that means around 11 am)
Finally I took a picture of my face when I arrived home (at 19:30 this evening).

So, I tested Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua for about 8 hours, without touch ups and in a rainy day (Melbourne today!).

These are the results:

Left: Before (I just curled my lashes and put moisturizer on my face)
Right: After (Just with Chanel Vitalumiere aqua)
Can you see? My face had redness and some imperfections. But after putting the foundation all these disappeared and my skin looked even and radiant!! It is incredibly how a water based foundation can improve your skin so easily!

Left: my finish look this morning before Uni
Right: My face after Uni this evening
This is the best part, this foundation really last all day, I wear it every day for about 7-8 hours (with primer) and you can see the pictures!! my skin continued flawless! (5 hours without primer).

What else?

  • easy to blend
  •  dewy finish (not too matte, not too shiny)
  • second skin feeling
  •  very light consistency
  • good packaging (easy to work with and to transport)
  • good coverage with little amount of product

I´m totally in love!!! I didn´t think I could get such a good result with just one product.


  •  expensive ($32000 chilean pesos; $77aud)
  •  few shades

Overall I think Chane Vitalumiere Aqua is worthwhile. I don´t feel guilty to spend my money in such an excellent product. The issue with the shade I think you have to try it, because after a while the foundation changes its color and it adapts to your skin color so that makes me think that the few shades can adapt to any skin color.
I used this for long days...because it is so expensive, for shorter journeys I use Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation that I see as a dupe (the only problem is that it does last for no more than 3-4 hours, even using primer).

So if you haven´t tried this foundation, do it! it is AMAZING!!
I hope this review would be helpful!

martes, 7 de agosto de 2012

4 inexpensive products from drugstores

I´ve found 4 really good makeup products that cost me less than $20 aud. Australia is expensive for us, obsessed girls. So I think that when you find good cheap products, you should recommend them!! So, here´s my list:

RIMMEL LASTING FINISH LIPSTICK: The color I bought was temptation which is a red very well pigmented lipstick. It says it last 8 hours, but we know that´s not true. Anyway, it was on sale, so I only paid $6.95 aud at Priceline. The color is beautiful, the texture is creamy and moisturizing and smell as raspberry. Because it is highly pigmented it leaves in your lips a touch of color even after drink something.

This concealer I bought in Chile and I actually got it because of the green color. I always have some red pimples in my jaw line so with this I can hide before applying my foundation. It really works!! and after apply the green color you can apply the beige to cover the green one. For some people the pink color may work to cover under eyes circles (it is not my case). Now, you can find this brand at Priceline and the good new is that is cheap!! this concealer only cost me $5.5 aud. Cool right?

If you read my post about my list of wishes you will know that I wanted the famous Maybelline eye colour tattoo. However it was impossible to find the color I wanted available. Then I knew that Essence had very good cream eyeshadows and when I saw the price ($4.5 aud) I said to myself, bye bye Maybelline, welcome essence!! What it´s amazing, the lasting power of this eyeshadow is very good and it doesn´t dry quickly in the pot. I have one cream eyeshadow from Benefit and every time I want to use it I have to put it inside the microway (this is a tip I learned from Wayne, british makeup artist.) This does not occur with essence stay all day cream eyeshadows!!! I hope I can find more shades!!

I watched Lisa Eldridge using this Maxfactor liquid effect eyeliner in her last tutorial (lisa´s tutorial)and she said that it was the perfect shade (silver spark) to get definition in your eyes without the drama of a black eyeliner. That made me feel I needed. Although it is not as cheap as the other products in this post I think it is worthwhile because it does what Lisa said and the color is gorgeous!! It cost me $18.95 aud and I don´t regret buying it.

I hope you like my review and see you soon!!

miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Those secret brands that just very good makeup artist know about it


Thanks to my favourite makeup artists from youtube (Lisa Eldridge and Wayne), I´ve been discovering so many cosmetic brands that I didn´t know they existed!! That´s how I learned about Becca. I can´t say too much about its products yet, but I´m adding two of their products to my list of wishes...

1) Shimmering Skin Perfector: Lisa always use this as a highlighter and it looks amazingly natural. The day I wen to buy it, it wasn´t available in the shade I wanted!! So although sometimes I forgot how much I want it I think I´m going to get it soon. By the way, this brand is high end but with acceptable prices. The highlighter costs $66 aud. When I saw Lisa using it I thought "it should be extremely expensive.

2) This is the second product of this brand that I´m crazy about.  I love blushes, powder, cream or liquid. This is a combination of the both later, it is a kind of cream, gel, liquid blush in beautiful colors, that blends easily and gives to your face that naturla healthy glow. And guess what? it is not extremely expensive (considering that a tiny amount of product it´s enough to get the look), it cost $42 aud.

If you are like me, that girl crazy about make up that really enjoy discovering new products, specially those one used by famous makeup artist which are not so expensive as you could think. Becca is the brand for you. What I love of this brand it´s the fact that their product are unique and wearable every day.

You can get Becca online and in David Jones stores.

domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

My list of wishes!

These are the products that I have on mind to get, I´m not sure when yet and also I don´t know why. I tend to do a lot of research before buying new makeup so the things I included in this post are the ones I think are worthwhile.

1) I have a fixation with my under eye circles. They are very subtle but I feel I can see them always!! no matter how much corrector and concealer I apply. Currently I´m using Bobbi Brown corrector but I still can see a light grey-ish zone under my eyes that I hate it. So the first product that I added to my list of wishes is a MAC concealer. My sister bought one and she has the biggest and deepest under eye circles and this works incredibly for I was thinking if it works for her, it has to work for me right? I want to try the studio sculpt concealer or the mineralize one and then make my choose. A soon as I get it I´m going to do a review.

2) Another MAC product that I´m obsessed with is cream eyeshadow Paint Pot in the color Indianwood. Three months ago I have the money to get it but it wasn´t abailable at the store so because I desperate wanted a cream eyeshadow I bought one from Benefit which is not bad, but the color is not what I want. So Indianwood is still in my mind.

3) Everybody say that a very good dupe of MAC Paint Pot is the Maybelline eyestudio color tattoo cream gel eyeshadow. These just arrived to Australia so it is almost impossible to find all the colors at Priceline. It is much cheaper than the MAC one so I hope I can find the color bad to the bronze or bold gold soon to see if it is as Indianwood. I couuldn´t see the testers!!

4) And the last place I have to recognize that it is something that I want to own just because of the thousands reviews I´ve read about it and because I realize that I need brushes that I can put on my bag (I never have makeup in my bag, but this semester I have very long lectures so I start to feel the need to have some essentials in my bag, concealer, blush, powder and brushes to apply them of course!) So along with the eyeshadows, at Priceline you can find the Real techniques brushes now and I really really want the travel set. Fortunately It is not as expensive as I thought. The problem is that it is sold out!! I have to wait again.

So that´s my list of wishes, I hope my husband or my family read it and they bought the things for me hahaha...I´m asking too much right?

sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

NARS YACHIYO: I confess, I´m obsessed with NARS

Hello everone!!
That happens when you talk more than you should. I don´t want to become a high end blog like many...I just want to be a girl obsesses with makeup and that talks about good products with good prices. Well, I can´t do that in this case, because my new brush is simply fantastic but expensive, very expensive.
Have you heard about the Kabuki brush n°27 from NARS or the Yachiyo? Well, it is a famous brush in youtube and I heard about it firstly from Wayne gossmakeupartist in his video about his 10 favourites brushes. Then I investigated a little bit and I realized that this brush is amazing to contour and applying blush. My favourite part of make up routine but so difficult to achieve flawlessly. I don´t know if it was because of this but then I started to notice that my blush didn´t last all day on my face...and I started to feel "the need" of buying a good I discovered Exhibit A...the perfect excuse to buy the Yachiyo as well...this blush is so pigmented that the Yachiyo is special to apply it.

Ok, I saved money to do my investment. I went to Mecca cosmetica in Melbourne central last week and they didn´t have the brush but They called to other stores and reserve it for me at Chadstone. Yesterday I went to Chadstone, there was crowded and also at the Mecca store was the famous makeup artist from Nars...(but that´s another story)

What did I buy? I finally bought my Yachiyo which I love. I bought the Exhibit A blush, Dolce vita for mom and the Casino Bronzer. Before this I had bought the Multiple Copacabana highlighter.

So let´s do a first impression review:

Yachiyo Kabuki brush: what can I say that somebody haven´t told before? One thing, some said that the brush is not the softest. For me, it is (I don´t own high end brushes, so my opinion is not the one from an expert, the only high end brush that I own is the MAC 217 and if you read my comparison with the Sigma one, I don´t notice too much difference, to be honest).
The Yachiyo is soft, very well tapered, light as a feather and what really matter, it does its work. It applies the blush so carefully and so well blended that it is a dream. I used it with the Exhibit A and although my lack of skills I could do it without problems. Also I contoured my face using the Casino bronzer and also I tried it with the Hoola from Benefit, and I´m not exaggerating, it is like it does the work alone by itself. Seriously A DREAM!! It is very expensive in Australia ($80aud) and in America ($50) but with the shipping cost and the time of wait it was the same for me. And we don´t have NARS in Chile yet, but some people sell it on facebook (around $30.000 or $35000 chilean pesos, $60-70 aud, and you still have to wait around 4 weeks.) Anyway, I think that this brush is really wortwhile. It is versatile so you can use it for many things. OVERALL IF YOU ARE THINKING TO GET THIS ONE, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! IT IS MAGIC!!
!Exhibit A blush: I don´t think you can appreciate the real color of this product. Live, it is much brighter than in pictures. it is scary. But for medium or dark skin is so beautiful, it makes my face looks so healthy that I couldn´t resist to buy it. I wanted something different and to use it everyday. I´m pretty happy with my choice. Moreover, I only need to use a tiny bit with my Yachiyo and done!! Ready to go. What I have to confess is that I was expecting a bigger size, the blushes from Nars are not as bigger as other blushes I own, like Benefit ones (8.0g) or Inglot (5,5g) and the latter are much more inexpensive. That´s one cons, however you can´t find that kind of colors in other brands and you only need a small amount of this product to get the look you want. OVERALL, AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT, VERY PIGMENTED, NICE COLOR, NICE FINISH, NOT A MUST, AND EXPENSIVE. IF YOU ARE THINKING TO GET IT, YOU HAVE TO BE VERY SURE, BUT I´M SURE YOU DON´T REGRET IT!!

Casino bronzing powder: I love it, nice color, very easy to work with, it is perfect to contour, specially if you have the yachiyo, but if you don´t it is still easy to use with whatever you have. Laguna is the most famous, but for my complexion works better this shade. Good amount of product (same quantity that Hoola has, 8g) and I need to use less quantity compared to the Hoola one. OVERALL THIS IS A MUST, IF YOU LIKE TO USE BRONZER, TRY THIS, IT IS AMAZING!!

The Multiple, Copacabana: because I have very oily skin and I don´t really like matte finish foundation but I need it, I decided to try this to create that "dewy" effect without looking shiny at midday. It really works!! Now I´m using it every single day and I´m happy. What thing I really like is the fact that it lasts all day. OVERALL, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A HIGHLIGHTER THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!!

For my purchase I received a sample of Orgasm blush and Aigle Noir soft touch shadow pencil. When I was at the store, I couldn´t decide between buying Exhibit A or Orgasm (I thought that Orgasm wasn´t for my skin color but actually it looks beautiful) but when the makeup artist told me about the gift I inmediately decided for Exhibit A, why would I want to have two of the same? I agree with all the people that say that Orgasm is a must and it doesn´t look so shiny on your face. I haven´t tried the shadow yet.

That´s me, when I bought my cosmetics as well as some
 gifts for my family in Chile, Í´m going home
for holidays!! and I had Exhibit A and Casino on my
 face applied by the makeup artist from Mecca
So that is my recent purchase, I´m so excited!!
Since now I´ve promised not buying anything else because I have to enjoy all the new things that I own.
If you want to buy makeup, Mecca stores are a very good option for you (Mecca cosmetica)
I hope this post had been useful.