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sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

A special make up just for red lips

I found in bh cosmetics a tutorial specially designed for red lips and I wanted to copy. In my opinion the results were as good as the original video, so I have decided to share it. I used all my favourites brand of make up. To see the original tutorial, follow this link bhcosmetics Classic red lip.
Again, with the perfect tools you can do wherever you want and thanks to internet and youtube, we only need time to make a good search in videos and tutorials.
Being beautiful is easier everyday!! just do it!!

Firstly, in the tutorial the make up artist from bh cosmetics used an eyeshadow primer or base. In my case, I used one from NYX. This step is very important because the primer makes that your shadows last longer. After that, we have to apply the softest color (I did with the forth brush in my photo), the artist apply this from a different pallete, but I tried to use some similar colors from my 120 eyeshadows pallete from the same brand. I mean, that is the idea of having so many eyeshadows!!. Then, in the crease of your eyelid, with the brush in the middle in my picture, apply the deepest purple color and try to blend it out (do this with the blender brush, black with yellow in the picture). Finally with the brown color make an eyeline in a third part of your upper eyelid from the external corner and do the same in your lower one. This part, do it with the second tool in my picture and then, blend it out with the first one. Put mascara on your lashes and apply the red lipstick.
It is so easy...and watching the video, I promise, anyone can do it, even me!!

What I used:

Two first colors: put together  in your  whole upper eyelid
3rd color: to the crease
4th: eyeliner

First and second ones: use them as an  eyeliner with the brown shadow
3rd: to the crease with the deep purple shadow
4th: to apply the two first colors
Yellow one: to blend out

Mosaic powder: to highlight nose, cheeks and forehead (NYX)
Red lipstick (NYX)
Councealer: to the dark under my eyes
Mascara: a gift (you can find it at Myer)
That´s all.
I hope you enjoy my post and can get this gorgeous  look to emphasize your red lips.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

I have received my bhcosmetics!!

As I said in my last post, 8 days ago I discovered a new American brand of make up in a tutorial of a gurú of youtube Blair Fowler. She recommended a new eyeshadow palette with 120 shadows and it looked very well, with super pigment colors so I decided to visit BH Cosmetics to have a look. What I found it was amazing...girls, the palette only cost $21.50 (American dolar) so I bought it and also I bought a brush set (10pcs) because I didn´t have good brushes and to get a good make up, you definitely need good tools as well...I mean, it was a really good opportunity to get something good but cheap.I said let´s do it!!
I spent $65.97 including shipping and handling ( I paid almost $13 in this topic but I would have to pay more if I wanted to receive it faster but I chose the cheapest option because it said that it will arrive between 12 and 20 days.) Anyway, after I did the purchase I felt scared, was that a good decision?
Well, I only had to wait 8 days to answer my question, my new make up just arrived and to be honest, it is absolutely the best purchase that I have ever done!!
- The size of the pallete is adequate, not too small, not too big.
- The colors are very pigmented and each color is different. None of them is identical.
- With only one touch of my brush I get enough color to put on my eyes.
- The brushes come in a beautiful brush bag and they make my time of make up easier and faster.
. Both things seem to have high quality.

When the shadows and brushes were on my hands, I entered to BH Cosmetics again and I realized that they have heaps of videos with tutorials, so I watched one from Blair Fowler with pink colors and took pictures for you...because if you are one of that person who really love make up you have to follow my advice.
I hope you like my photos (you should remember that I am not model, so my face is just the face of a normal person, please!!) I can´t deal with the shine of my forehead yet. However I´m working on that. In fact my next post I hope will be about that.


lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

My new online purchase// mi nueva compra en Internet BH Cosmetics

    I´m obsessed with make up. Since I live in Melbourne and I have the time to learn about how to create a good style and what are the secret to make a beautiful and easy make up. While I was learning about it, more I wanted to buy because one of the things is that you need good tools to do it.
Last week I was watching a tutorial video and the artist showed a palette of 120 shadows with any kind of color which was very cheap. The problem was, it is from America. I went to the web site and for my surprise everything were with discount. That was just what I needed.
I bought the shadows and a set of 10 brushes. I have to wait between 10 and 20 days to receive them and when they arrive to my hands I will write to share my opinion.
The brand is BH Cosmetics and it has very good comments about quality and prices.
I can´t wait having it with me!!