Para gente común y corriente como yo, que se muere por lo fashion y por todo lo que se puede apreciar ante un espejo, que adora un buen consejo y un buen dato y que sueña con algo grande pero no en su habitual ámbito de trabajo. Porque me gusta compartir...bienvenidos a mi rinconcito de expresión y de práctica para mi inglés.

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

My lady outfit

The day was beautiful, so it was the inspiration for my outfit. I have discovered Chapel st and heaps of amazing stores as well. My outfit consists of a white sleeves less lace top and a blue mini skirt shoes in the same colors, white diamonds style earrings and a neutral make up and a pony tail in my hair. I think that the top is the highlighted of the outfit, this kind of top gives to your looks a romantic and fashion touch. And also it is so simple to combine!!

The new is:
- top is from Claude D´Alban ($19 AUD)
- earrings from Frangles ($2.5 AUD)

The old is:
mini skirt: Valley girl ($6,95 AUD)
Shoes: Duchess ( $45 AUD)

Make up:
Foundation: Lóreal
Shadows: Bh cosmetics
Lips: NYX

Do you like my outfit?
I hope so

sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

Summer foundation routine

 Hello everyone!! Summer is here and as you know, our foundation routine needs to be adapted to the new weather´s conditions. I have discovered a new type of foundation recently, by Loreal, which is called MATTEMORPHOSIS and has a consistence of soufflé, therefore is very light. It is completely good for this season because we don´t need a deep coverage in our faces during summer but we still want to cover all our skin imperfections. The color is very dark, however it blends so well that the color over your face changes to one more natural color.
 I also bought the translucide powder in order to complement my foundation. In this case I chose this kind of powder because my idea is try to get a natural look.
If you are interested in try these products, you should go to Priceline Australia because until November 21st there is a promotion, all Loreal´s face products are 2 for 1. So you can buy the Matte foundation and the powder is going to be free!! (it costs almost $35 AUD each.)
Hurry up!!


lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

MAXI DRESSES!! The new fashion trend...

 Hi girls!! My last posts have been about make up, but what is make up without a nice outfit?? Nothing, right? So now I´m going to talk about the new trend in fashion this  2011 Spring-Summer season which it is called MAXI DRESSES. Yes!! those long dresses in different colors or printed that sometimes they could be very complicated to use, because you look as a nun or muslim woman (with all my respect for them) or whatever.
In this aspect, in my opinion, we should be realistic and aware about our type of body. Not every maxi dress fits in every kind of body, so don´t forget to be honest with yourself.
Because of all this, I was afraid of buying one, I´m small and thin so, is a maxi dress for me? I wasn´t sure...Therefore, what I did it was looking for a not expensive dress, black and simple style. With that in mind, I went to Melbourne Central where I found a very cheap simple black maxi dress which only cost me $7.99 AUD. I tried on, also I added a nice cardigan and with my accesory (my golden necklace) looked so well in the mirrow that I decided to buy both, the maxi dress and the cardigan.
The next morning I was wearing my new outfit and, you wouldn´t believe the amount of compliment that I received!! Moreover if my outfit only cost me $16 AUD.
Off course, you cannot ask good quality or something like that, but at least the dress survived from the washine machine. LOL ^_^
Here´s my outfit and more details!!

Maxi dress (Cocolatte)
Cardigan (Cocolatte)
Earrings and necklace (Colette)
Have a good week

sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

A special make up just for red lips

I found in bh cosmetics a tutorial specially designed for red lips and I wanted to copy. In my opinion the results were as good as the original video, so I have decided to share it. I used all my favourites brand of make up. To see the original tutorial, follow this link bhcosmetics Classic red lip.
Again, with the perfect tools you can do wherever you want and thanks to internet and youtube, we only need time to make a good search in videos and tutorials.
Being beautiful is easier everyday!! just do it!!

Firstly, in the tutorial the make up artist from bh cosmetics used an eyeshadow primer or base. In my case, I used one from NYX. This step is very important because the primer makes that your shadows last longer. After that, we have to apply the softest color (I did with the forth brush in my photo), the artist apply this from a different pallete, but I tried to use some similar colors from my 120 eyeshadows pallete from the same brand. I mean, that is the idea of having so many eyeshadows!!. Then, in the crease of your eyelid, with the brush in the middle in my picture, apply the deepest purple color and try to blend it out (do this with the blender brush, black with yellow in the picture). Finally with the brown color make an eyeline in a third part of your upper eyelid from the external corner and do the same in your lower one. This part, do it with the second tool in my picture and then, blend it out with the first one. Put mascara on your lashes and apply the red lipstick.
It is so easy...and watching the video, I promise, anyone can do it, even me!!

What I used:

Two first colors: put together  in your  whole upper eyelid
3rd color: to the crease
4th: eyeliner

First and second ones: use them as an  eyeliner with the brown shadow
3rd: to the crease with the deep purple shadow
4th: to apply the two first colors
Yellow one: to blend out

Mosaic powder: to highlight nose, cheeks and forehead (NYX)
Red lipstick (NYX)
Councealer: to the dark under my eyes
Mascara: a gift (you can find it at Myer)
That´s all.
I hope you enjoy my post and can get this gorgeous  look to emphasize your red lips.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

I have received my bhcosmetics!!

As I said in my last post, 8 days ago I discovered a new American brand of make up in a tutorial of a gurú of youtube Blair Fowler. She recommended a new eyeshadow palette with 120 shadows and it looked very well, with super pigment colors so I decided to visit BH Cosmetics to have a look. What I found it was amazing...girls, the palette only cost $21.50 (American dolar) so I bought it and also I bought a brush set (10pcs) because I didn´t have good brushes and to get a good make up, you definitely need good tools as well...I mean, it was a really good opportunity to get something good but cheap.I said let´s do it!!
I spent $65.97 including shipping and handling ( I paid almost $13 in this topic but I would have to pay more if I wanted to receive it faster but I chose the cheapest option because it said that it will arrive between 12 and 20 days.) Anyway, after I did the purchase I felt scared, was that a good decision?
Well, I only had to wait 8 days to answer my question, my new make up just arrived and to be honest, it is absolutely the best purchase that I have ever done!!
- The size of the pallete is adequate, not too small, not too big.
- The colors are very pigmented and each color is different. None of them is identical.
- With only one touch of my brush I get enough color to put on my eyes.
- The brushes come in a beautiful brush bag and they make my time of make up easier and faster.
. Both things seem to have high quality.

When the shadows and brushes were on my hands, I entered to BH Cosmetics again and I realized that they have heaps of videos with tutorials, so I watched one from Blair Fowler with pink colors and took pictures for you...because if you are one of that person who really love make up you have to follow my advice.
I hope you like my photos (you should remember that I am not model, so my face is just the face of a normal person, please!!) I can´t deal with the shine of my forehead yet. However I´m working on that. In fact my next post I hope will be about that.


lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

My new online purchase// mi nueva compra en Internet BH Cosmetics

    I´m obsessed with make up. Since I live in Melbourne and I have the time to learn about how to create a good style and what are the secret to make a beautiful and easy make up. While I was learning about it, more I wanted to buy because one of the things is that you need good tools to do it.
Last week I was watching a tutorial video and the artist showed a palette of 120 shadows with any kind of color which was very cheap. The problem was, it is from America. I went to the web site and for my surprise everything were with discount. That was just what I needed.
I bought the shadows and a set of 10 brushes. I have to wait between 10 and 20 days to receive them and when they arrive to my hands I will write to share my opinion.
The brand is BH Cosmetics and it has very good comments about quality and prices.
I can´t wait having it with me!!


viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011


 I have been in Melbourne almost 7 months and to be honest,  I have become a fanatic of the make up. Here, all women always go everywhere with a gorgeous make I had to adapt myself  to my new world. To find a good make up, in quality and price, could be very difficult sometimes, however with NYX that is not impossible. This is an American brand (Los Angeles) which offers the best quality of cosmetics at attractive prices. It is not too easy to find it in Melbourne, nevertheless you can find it in Groove Accesories, a little bit more expensive, but not too much.
 At this time, I´m going to introduce you, my new lipsticks from this brand. During this week is the Spring fashion week in Melbourne and I saw the models using purple lips that I loved it!! So, yesterday, I went to Groove Accesories in Melbourne Central (this store was with 30% off) to buy a new lipstick....Thanks to the discount I only spent $10 AUD in two wonderful lipsticks...and I want more!!!
I bought one lipstick in red tone (called Electra) and one Lip Gloss in purple tone (African Queen) and here is the photos for you!!

Electra Lipstick (NYX)
$4.2 AUD (with 30% 0ff)

African Queen Lip Gloss (NYX)
$6.5 AUD (with 30% off)

Lip Gloss and Lipstick (NYX)

I hope you like it

viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

Curly hair like a little princess!!// Pelo ondulado como una princesita!!

It has been a long time without writing here, but I came back and with a big advice for you!!. Thanks to one of the fashion blogs that I follow (The best beauty blog) I found the best curler hair that I have seen. My husband gave it to me as a present and WOW!! it is terrific. It´s easy to use, comfortable, no hair pulling like others and so professional that I´m pretty sure that you´ll love it. You can get a look gorgeous without going to the hairdresser.
In my case, I love to change my style frequently and with Modiva Professional Curling Iron, I can change my style when I want. Maybe, for some people, the price is not suitable, but seriously, it is worth it. Also I bought it (ok, my husband bought it) with a special discount from The best beauty blog. It was a big opportunity that I could not miss.
Here I show you some pictures! I hope you like my princess style.

Hace mucho que no escribía, pero ahora lo hago porque tengo una novedad gigante. Gracias a uno de los blogs de moda que sigo acá en Melbourne, conocí un ondulador fantástico. Es muy fácil de usar, no necesito ayuda para todo mi pelo, no me tira el pelo con ese sistema típico de pinza que tienen todos, es cómodo y deja las ondas como si te las hubieras hecho en la peluquería, y muy rápido!! El precio no es muy accesible, pero créanme, yo lo he probado, y vale la pena. Cuesta casi $90 AUD, pero gracias a un descuento por leer el blog que les conté me costó bastante menos. Si quieren leer más sobre él, sigan el link que puse.
Acá les muestro mi estilo princesa, acompañado de mis adoradas blusitas Duchess. No puedo esperar para ir al matrimonio que tengo en Sidney y hacerme mis rulos!! Aunque acá lo he ocupado casi todos los días desde que me llegó. Es que me encantó, porque mientras estaba en Chile, odiaba lo difícil de usar de los onduladores, pero éste, ufff, es espectacular.
Espero les guste mi estilo.

Blouse (Duchess)
Pants (Zara)
Headband (Duchess)

jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

A simple detail!! DIY!!

During winter it´s so difficult looking beautiful and fashion. However I think with small details like nice accesories or painting your nails, you can get an atractive look. We don´t need to go to the beauty salon to get a manicure. It´s easier, faster and cheaper if you do it  yourself!!
In winter I prefer to use strong colors in my nails because we always dress in dark colors during this season. Furthermore, I always try to mix the color in my nails with the color in my clothes but if you don´t like it, you can choose french nails which is so beautiful and elegant!!

Red one is from Ice. They have a lot of colors and you can buy 3 for $10 AUD.

This is definitely my favourite. French Tip nails always is stylish. Manicure is so expensive here, so I bought this white nail color pen in my country and I love it. It is too easy to use!!

This color is sky blue. It´s from rubi but the quality is not the best. I painted my nails twice and then I applied one coat of glitter nail. I spent only $2 AUD.

I use black nailpolish  because I think it looks cool. Althoug it is not the best quality, I just use it one coat an then one coat of glitter. Thanks of that, my nailpolish stays in my nails longer.

If you can use nailpolish, try to do it. When I was in Chile I couldn´t use it because of my job but I enjoy painting my nails!! It´s no necessary to pay for it, you can do it  yourself. You can choose different soft or dark colors and it is a nice accesory for your outfit.
Javi ♥

viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

You have style!!//Tú tienes estilo!!

In this new section, I´m going to show you pictures of some woman that, in my opinion, looks terrific with their outfit. In this case I show you 2 examples, here is the Melbourne´s style!!

En esta nueva sección, quiero mostrales algunas fotos de distintas mujeres que me han llamado la atención con sus tenidas. Acá en Melbourne me pasa todo el tiempo, veo un look genial y quiero fotografiarlo, pero no me atrevo. Pero en este caso, ellas son mis compañeras, y accedieron a posar para mi. Veamos estos 2 ejemplos de estilo en Melbourne!!

She is Sharon, from China. I think her style is very beautiful because she mix de color and texture very well. Her coat is terrific and of high quality. Her pants are gray and her heel shoes have a nice detail.

Ella es Sharon, de China. Creo que su estilo es genial, porque mezcla muy bien el color y la textura. Su abrigo es demasiado lindo, y se nota de buena calidad. Sus pantalones en gris y unos tacos que destacaban por un bello detalla en el dorso.

She has complements her outfit with an adorable handbag, in brown color. This kind of bags are very popular in Melbourne. I have seen a lot of women with it, and it is very comfortable!!.

Ha complementado su tenida con una preciosa cartera en color café. Este tipo de carteras es muy popular acá en Melbourne, lo he visto en muchas mujeres y la verdad, es muy cómoda!!.

Finally, she adds to her outfit 3 magic details. A beautiful phone case with a pirate and strass, different bracelets in the same color that the coat and the ring.
Everthing in this outfit is very well thinking and very well mixed.
Mainly I loved the coat, the bag and the bracelets because I thing they are the target in the outfit.

Y para terminar con Sharon 3 detalles, pequeñitos, pero no menos importante, un cárcasa de celular de estrás y con un pirata, varias pulseras en el mismo tono del abrigo y un muy lindo anillo.

She is Catalina, she is from Colombia and her look is terrific!! In this outfit, for me, her shoes are the protagonists. She is wearing a black short coat and the classic tight jeans. In this case I think these kind of pants are definitely a good decision, because they stand out for her shoes.
And her animal print scarf is awesome. It give to the outfit the final touch.

Ella es Catalina, colombiana y debo decir que me encanta su estilo. En esta teñida, para mí, los protagonistas son sus zapatos. Viste un abrigo corto, acinturado, en negro y los clásicos jeans, pero bien ajustados en toda la pierna. Creo que este tipo de pantalones es una buena elección cuando usas este tipo de zapatos, porque les permite destacar. 
Y su pañuelo animal print es matador. Le da el toque final a su look.

Shoes have a big heels. The color and the texture are fascinated. I love suede shoes. I wish I could wearing heels. They always give you other style

Los zapatos tienen un taco alto y el color y la gamuza son fascinantes. Me encantan los zapatos de gamuza!!. Me encantaría poder usar tacos, creo que siempre le dan un toque de distinción a tu estilo.

So as you can see, when you mix good different things you can get a very nice style. Fashion is not so complicated, you only need to know how combinated your garments.
I hope You like it!
Javi ♥

Como pueden ver, cuando eres capaz de mezclar de manera correcta diferentes cosas, puedes obtener un resultado genial. La moda no es tan complicada, sólo necesitas saber cómo combinar tus prendas.
Espero que les guste!!

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Welcome ZARA!!

La espera ha terminado... Zara llegó a Melbourne y lo ha hecho en grande. No soy una fanática de las marcas ni suelo considerar en mis gustos o compras esa asociación, de hecho, mientras vivía en Chile, ocasionalmente encontraba en Zara algo que me matara y que deseara con todo tener, a veces, reconozco, encontraba la ropa no tan linda para lo cara que era. Es por eso, que pese a los gustos de las más fashionistas, nunca me consideré una fanática de Zara, sí, varias veces sufrí buscando algo que me había gustado y que por no decidirme a tiempo, nunca más lo encontré...o en otras oportunidades en que necesitaba una teñida para una ocasión especial (por ejemplo mi ceremonia de graduación en la U), Zara me facilitó bastante la búsqueda y encontré que el precio lo valió.
Cuando supe que Zara llegaría a Australia, no sabía muy bien si esperarla ansiosa o reservadamente, la moda en Zara me mantiene en un constante vaivén, a veces la amo, a veces me desilusiona, y justamente eso me pasó cuando supe que recién llegaría acá. ¿Cómo puede ser que no estuviera presente en una ciudad tan fashionista?.Bueno, pero ya está acá. Y no crean que fui la primera en estar ahí, no estaba tan motivada, no sabía si ese tan usado lema para Zara "calidad a buen precio" se cumpliría acá. En fin, hoy abrió y fui a ver como era...y ohhhhh!! casi muero al ver la cantidad de gente haciendo fila ordenadamente para entrar!! Casi no entro, pero la cola avanzaba rápido y me decidí. Y me he llevado una grata impresión. No es la tienda más barata de Melbourne, no se pueden comparar sus precios a los de Chile, pero que montón de ropa linda!!! se pasaron...estuve 2 horas caminando entre percheros y gente y ufff, que top, simplemente. Miles de blazer de todos colores, neutros y fuertes, (lo que me sorprendió porque acá la verdad la gente no usa mucho los colores fuertes), miles de jeans, jeggins, leggins y pantalones de diversos estilos, cortes, telas y colores. Me enamoré de unos pantalones de cotelé (porque con el frío que hace acá, de verdad se vuelven necesarios). Chaquetas de todo estilo, cueros, pieles,largas, cortas, sueltas, sigo no pararía nunca, en verdad, era sorprendente. Vestidos con ese toque chic, faldas, y accesorios, de verdad, muy lindos.
Zara llegó a arrasar en Melbourne, demostrando lo grande en moda que son, y que su demora en el desembarco era por algo. Definitivamente estudiaron muy bien lo cosmopolita de esta ciudad. Y como llegar a todos con su estilo.
Como ya les conté, yo me enamoré de unos pantalones de cotelé (que no había encontrado masivamente acá, y que donde encontré unos la verdad, estaban muy caros), muy ajustados en toda la pierna, perfectos para usar con mis balerinas, botines o botas. Además me compré la clásica blusa negra de gasa (que es el "Must" de esta temporada), pero lo que me gustó es que no era la típica abotonada y de caída lisa, si no que con lazos en el cuello y elasticada en la cintura (y su precio más conveniente que la abotonada que también había).
Todo lo bueno tiene su pero y, hay que destacar, como dije en un principio, que creo en no comprar porque sea la "marca", y para mostrarles un ejemplo, quería un chaleco abotonado básico azul para combinar con las corbatitas de mis balerinas, y algo que en Zara cuesta $29.9 AUD (como $15000), lo compré en otra tienda sólo a $8 AUD. Y grandes diferencias en calidad no hay, yo tengo ropa Zara, y reconozcamos que tan poco sus chalecos básicos son eternos. A si que, para que pagar de más sólo porque es Zara. Y estoy segura que en muchas otras prendas nos puede pasar lo mismo.
Pero para terminar, creo que Zara Melbourne le gana lejos a Zara Chile, definitivamente van a marcar un precedente en la moda acá. Y para las fanáticas como yo de vestirse top, es una alternativa más. Espero visitarla otro día ya no con tanto furor de la nueva apertura.
Ojalá ustedes puedan visitarla si pasan por acá.
Javi ♥

The waiting is over... Zara has arrived to Melbourne to stay. I´m not a brand´s fanatic, In fact, while I lived in Chile, I only occasionally  found something that I liked and that I wish to have. Sometimes, I recognize, I found that the Zara´s clothes are not so nice for the price that they cost. Because of that, in spite of the taste of  more fashion women, I never considered myself a Zara´s fan. But yes, more than once I suffered to look for a garment that I liked and that I didn´t buy because I was undecided and I never found it again. Or when I needed to buy clothes for a special occasion, Zara made my work very easy.
When I knew that Zara arrived to Melbourne, I didn´t know what to think, because Zara makes me feel very undecided with its style. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I´m dissappointed. Anyway, today Zara opened in Melbourne and I went to see it. And oh my god!! Almost die when I saw how many people were there, doing line to enter to the store. After a few minutes I could enter and It was amazing, I got a really good impression. It is not the cheapest store in Melbourne, I can´t compare the prices with the prices from Zara in Chile, but what amount of gorgeous clothes!! I was walking between racks and people 2 hours and WOW!!! A lot of blazers, in all styles, neutral and strong colors ( that I was surprised, because here people don´t use much strong colors), heaps of jeans, leggins, jeggins and pants of differents styles and cuts. I loved a corduroy pants because with this cold, it is very necessary. Thousands of jackets, of leather or fur. Very chic dresses and skirts and nice accesories. Zara definitely comes to Melbourne to rul. They have demonstrated that they are big in the fashion industry. They studied very well what people want here, because this city is cosmpolitan and They know how to impact with any different style in this city.
As I told you before, I love a gray corduroy pants, because here in Melbourne, they are not very common, and I had found ones, but they were too expensive. They are perfect to wear with all my shoes and so warm. Also, I bought a black chiffon blouse  (it´s a Must this season) and I liked it because it is not the typical with buttons, and I think the price is not so expensive (it was more expensive with buttons).
But not everything can be perfect, and I give you an example. I wanted to buy a blue basic cardigan (with buttons) to wear it with my white and blue ballets, but in Zara it costs $29.9 AUD and I bought one for only $8 AUD in other store. And the quality is similar. To be honest, I have many clothes from Zara, and I have to say that it is not eternal. So, why to pay more only because it is Zara? And I´m pretty sure that we can have the same problem with other garments.
Finally, I think that Zara Melbourne beats Zara Chile. They will set a precedent in the fashion of Melbourne. And for the fanatics like me of top dressing, this is a good chance. I hope to visit it again when furor has dropped.
You have to visit it too!!
Javi ♥

Blusa/Blouse (ZARA)
Pantalones cotelé/Pants (ZARA)
Chaleco/Cardigan (Cocolatte)
Ballets (Durchess)

martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Oh my Trench!!

Esta temporada se vino pisando fuerte un nuevo concepto, para muchas no expertas como yo, el Trench. El trench es un abrigo impermeable de gabardina, utilizado antiguamente por los militares durante la primera y segunda guerra mundial. De ahí su nombre, Trench significa trinchera en inglés. Su forma clásica se compone de varias piezas de gabardina con botones de metal en la delantera y las mangas y un cinturón, lo que le da un toque de estilo único. Sus colores clásicos son el beige, gris o negro, pero hoy podemos encontrar de cualquier color. 
Mi gran temor cuando quise comprárme uno, era el compararlo todo el tiempo con un buen abrigo, porque indudablemente cuando el frío azota, el Trench se quedaría en el clóset. Pero después de ver los pro y los contra, hice una inversión confiando en lo que se dice de un Trench; al ser de gabardina su durabilidad es máxima y es atemporal. Opté por un color neutro y espero poder usarlo mucho tiempo. Te lo pones con lo que sea y siempre te ves de lo más estilosa!! Afortunadamente acá en Australia encontré uno a precio bastante conveniente, y la verdad, es que lo uso mucho.
A si que si tienes ganas de estar a la moda, pero sin miedo a desperdiciar tu dinero en algo que se acabe en una par de meses, te aconsejo este llamado "MUST" (lo que debes tener), porque de verdad, lo puedes usar cuando quieras y como quieras...
Javi ♥

Beige Trench (Temt)

This season reappeared a new concept for people not too expert like me, the Trench. It is a raincoat, made with gabardine which was worn during the first and second world war. This is the origin of its name. It is classically designed with many pieces of gabardine, metal buttons in its front part and sleeves, and with a belt, that gives the trench a unique style. Its classic colors are beige, gray and black, but there are in many different colors now. 
My main fear when I wanted to buy one, was to decide between a trench and a good coat, because when the cold comes, the trench has to be inside the closet. But after I analysed the pros and cons, I decided to make an investment trusting in what is said about the trench: like it is made with gabardine it is durable and also it is seasonless. I chose a neutral color and I hope to wear it for a lot time. You can wear it with everything and you look very stylish. Fortunatelly, I found it at a reasonable price ($69.9 AUD), and the truth is that I wear it a lot. 
So if you want to be fashionable, but without fear of wasting your money, I advise this "Must" (what you must have), because you really can use it everywhere and with anything.
Javi ♥

viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

¡La infaltable Mini de Cuero!// The leather Miniskirt can´t be left out!!

  Hoy fue un hermoso día para tomar fotos de mi look. Y esta vez elegí mi mini de cuero. Tantas veces pensé en comprarme una cuando vivía en Chile, pero la verdad, no me atreví. No es precisamente la prenda más común y bien mirada allá, pero estando acá en Melbourne, volvió a ser parte de mis pensamientos, porque simplemente acá es casi un básico. Y en unos de mis tantos vitrineos, encontré una diseño típico en Ice, de Poliuretano (debo reconocer que no me gusta el olor del cuero verdadero) y accesible ($15000). Me encanta usarla con mis blusas de Duchess y mis botines negros con cordones. La moda está cada vez más liberal en Chile a si que es un momento ideal para atreverse con este tipo de prendas. Es genial!! Hoy agregué un chaleco ultra femenino para darle un toque más sutil a mi teñida. Espero le guste!!
Javi ♥

Today was a beautiful day to take pictures of my look. And in this oportunity I chose my leather miniskirt. So many times I was thinking to buy one when I was living in Chile, but the truth, I didn´t dare to do it, because in Chile this garment is not well looked. But living in Melbourne, the mini skirt came back to be in my thoughts, because here the miniskirt almost is a basic. And during one of my windows looking, I found a clasic design miniskirt in Ice, made of Polyurethane (I should recognize that I don´t like the smell of the real leather) and not expensive (29.9AD). I love to wear it with my blouses from Duchess and my black lace up ankle boot. You just dare to do it. It´s terrific!! Today I added to my outfit a very female cardigan to give a subtle touch to my style. I hope you like it!!
Javi ♥

Grey cardigans (Duchess)
White Blouse (Duchess)
Miniskirt (Ice)